Plaque Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Us!

Fight tooth decay with routine teeth cleaning in Washington, DC

Brushing your teeth daily can keep a number of issues at bay, but, alone, it’s not enough to combat tooth decay and other problems. Only a dentist can clean in-between your teeth and around your gums to fight off dental problems.

If you’re searching for a great local dental office in Washington, D.C. for your routine teeth cleaning, come to Dr. Barbara E. Baxter, DMD. For years, we’ve been the best choice for families for their dental care. We promise you’ll come in with a smile on your face, and you’ll leave with an even brighter one!

5 undeniable benefits of routine teeth cleaning

A brighter smile is just one of the many benefits of routine teeth cleaning. Dr. Barbara E. Baxter emphasizes to her customers how crucial it is to schedule consistent cleaning appointments – and her clients have seen the value of it! Scheduling routine cleanings at our dentist’s office means you’ll be:

Fighting tooth decay

Stopping tooth loss

Freshening your breath

Boosting your health

Saving yourself money

Better teeth mean less specialty care – and that translates to money in your pocket. For a brighter smile and a bigger wallet, come to Dr. Barbara E. Baxter, DMD of Washington, D.C. for your routine teeth cleaning.