Aquene F.
-Washington, DC
“Have had a great experience with Dr. Baxter thus far. Apts are easy and fast. She is friendly and personable as are the staff. She is not going to try to aggressively over treat you like some dentists do but she and her hygenists do pay attention and work to make sure you remain healthy. She is filling a cavity for me that had been on watch (I’ve had 3 dentists due to moves over the past few years). We discovered it because the hygenist and then she took the time to talk to me about the type of pain I have been experiencing.

I’ve had dentists that want to subject you to all kinds of procedures or put metal in my mouth and dentists who were trying not to find any problems seemingly. She seems to be neither of these in my experience though definitely read all the reviews.

Added plus there is little or no wait time.”

Stephanie C.
-Washington, DC
“I have been seeing Dr. Baxter for about a year and so far I have no complaints. Dr. Baxter and her staff are always on time, professional and efficient. She is located near my office and my apartment so it’s very convenient and easy to get appointment times that work for my schedule. I have never waited more than a few minutes upon arrival for my appointment to start and the staff always makes sure I’ve scheduled my next appointment before I’ve left.”

Heather G.
“We’ve been seeing Dr. Baxter for six years. Always have a great experience. My teeth are in great shape and I love that they schedule morning appointments, before work. Saves me a lot of leave time.”

William M.
-Washington, DC
“I found out about Dr. Baxter’s office on yelp, and I’ve had pretty solid experiences since then! The support staff are always incredibly friendly. They are genuinely interested in getting to know you and they want to hear about how you’re doing.

The wait can sometimes be a little long but that’s to be expected with dentists/doctor’s offices. I have had a number of fillings done here and Dr. Baxter has always done a great job. She gets really into it sometimes, which I don’t mind. She goes in to clean out your teeth, and it’s almost as though she sees it as a challenge about how well and how quickly she can finish. She has said “DONE!” on a few separate occasions after drilling out the inside of my tooth. It’s a good word to hear when you hate getting cavities filled.

So yeah, I’m pleased with this place!”

Jack D.
-Capitol Hill/Southeast, Washington, DC
“FANTASTIC dentist! My filling a few moments ago to replace an old filling took a legit 5 minutes (post novacaine wait time). A very comfortable experience, and always, always on time.”

Lexie D.
-Washington, DC
“I was actually really nervous to go to the dentist. I’m not afraid of the art of dentistry…it’s my first time going “as an adult” with my own insurance, and I had to find a dentist on my own, and my wisdom teeth had starting aching…

The Yelp reviews weren’t helping. Alas, she was the closest dentist to my office, and she was accepting new patients. That’s all the convincing I needed to give her a shot.

Her staff was very friendly and accommodating. They accepted my insurance paperwork without hassle, completed the filing for me (apparently that’s not a guarantee?), and saw me through my x-rays and into the hygienist chair quickly. My hygienist was pleasant, and explained what she was doing (unnecessary, because I don’t give a damn, but I can see where that’d be a nice touch for others).

Dr. Baxter herself was very no-nonsense, but she explained my next steps re: wisdom teeth succinctly and in a way I understood. I liked that I could see the blown-up x-rays as she talked about my teeth. I like that she took a good look and answered all my questions. I loved that I walked out in just under an hour with my teeth cleaned, my paperwork filed, my x-rays taken, and my referral to the oral surgeon completed.

I’m quite satisfied by my random dentist choosing methodology, and I’ll certainly be a patient as long as she remains convenient to work and as friendly as my first visit.”

Alice A.
-Washington, DC
“I’ve been going to Dr. Baxter for about 5 years and have never had a bad experience. I will say that I’ve only had cleanings at her office but the staff is very efficient and I’m usually out in less than an hour.”

Becky S.
-Washington D.C., DC
“I just went here for the first time and it was great!

My appointment was at 3:40; I was walking to the exam room by 3:42. The waiting room furniture (since so many people seemed eager to comment on it) is kind of unusual and grandmotherly, as people have said, but first of all, I liked it, and second of all, my dentist can have any kind of couches they like if they know about teeth.

A cheerful, very friendly dental hygienist named Diane cleaned my teeth – she was careful, clearly competent, and explained every step. In fact, everyone in the office, including Dr. Baxter, was cheerful, friendly, and competent.

I will be going back.”

Arthur L.
-Washington, DC
“Hard to understand how anyone could give Dr Baxter a bad review. Lets face it, going to the dentist is never fun, but Dr Baxter is by far the best dentist I’ve ever seen, and she does such a great job I don’t mind it anymore.

I’ve never had to wait more than 3 minutes after I check in before I’m seen. All the staff are excellent, and provide meaningful advise (not just lectures). Dr Baxter has always provided EXCELLENT service. Best dentist in DC, hands down.”

Dave E.
-Washington, DC
“I’ve seen a lot of dentists, and this office by far the best I’ve been to. The hygienist, whose name I’m ashamed I can’t remember, was patient, explained everything perfectly clearly, and thorough without that stab-the-hell-out-of-you thing.

Even better, I showed up on time, and was immediately brought in to get started. From start to finish, I’ve never had such a good experience.”

Nicole M.
-Washington, DC
“I’ve avoided the dentist like the plague for the last two years, but finally decided to get my act together. I trusted a friend’s referral and visited Dr. Baxter for the first time today.

She was extremely patient and efficient. She didn’t waste any time, but also didn’t rush through any of my questions. She took time to explain each step of the cleaning and examination, which made me feel very confident about the procedures.

I would highly recommended Dr. Baxter to anyone who is looking for a no-nonsense, pain-free dental experience.”

Kevin M.
-Washington, DC
“Friendly hygienist, capable doctor, good location. Not really anything else you need in a Dentist.”

william b.
-Seattle, WA
“Baxter and Baxter’s office staff are wonderful. The work is efficient, on-time, and friendly.

Almost as importantly, I don’t feel afraid to ask them questions about my treatment – not to second guess their decisions, but to understand what’s being done and why. Their informative and attentive responses have really won me over – I don’t ask questions any more.”

Courtney D.
-Washington, DC
“I LOVE this office and just found out I have to change dentists, as I have a new job and they take my new insurance. I am so disappointed. I’ve grown to love Jessica (best hygienist ever) and the whole office. Easy to deal with, convenient and good. I have very sensitive gums and have had to have a scaling procedure. With Jessica, it was painless. I am SO sad to have to leave this practice.”

Anthony V.
-Washington, DC
“Dr. Baxter and her staff make going to the dentist a — literally — pain free experience. They are extremely nice people and are very flexible regarding appointment times (having pre-9:00am appointments is a huge bonus). I’ve never had to wait for an appointment, and you are typically in-and-out in under 45 minutes. Billing has also been completely seamless.

It’s pretty unlikely that someone will ever figure out a way to make going to the dentist an objectively positive or fun experience. But I think Dr. Baxter’s team deserves 5 stars for making the experience as “not awful” as possible.

You also can’t beat the location (1.5 blocks from the Dupont Circle South metro entrance).”